Rainhill Gala 11 Logo Alice's Woodland Easter Trail










At Loyola Hall, Rainhill

Rainhill Gala would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who helped to make this event so special. The sell out saw 500 children experience the magical story of Alice in Wonderland with a unique Rainhill Gala twist.

10 magical gardens awaited the guests on Easter Monday, all of which had been decorated with ballons, characters and props to bring the story alive.

We would like to say a special thanks to Matthew and Ruth at Loyola Hall for allowing us to put the event on, sadly this also marked the closure of Loyola Hall as a Jesiut retreat in the village however as part of the event over 300 people took the once in a lifetime chance to see inside the hall itself.

Special thanks also go to the dozens of volunteers who made it possible both before and after the event. Many of the props were made by hand and (as you know we don't like spending money) with re-used or 'make-do' materials.

Take a look at our Facebook page for pictures of the day or go to our youtube page for a special video of the day courtesy of Chris Tigwell. Go to youtube.com/rainhillgala