Rainhill Gala 11 Logo Gala Cash Awards

Over the years we have helped many local good causes.....

2014 was again a fantastic year for Rainhill Gala and we are delighted to announce that the total raised to date now exceeds £35,000. This year we were delighted to retain Willowbrook Hospice as our main beneficiary awarding them over £5,000 in total from all of our activities.

When we award donations we try to consider the wider reaching impact and select what we think will benefit the community the most. For example, by funding projects such as the Luncheon Club we know that we are also contributing towards the long term future of the Village Hall and so on.

In 2014 we were delighted to award over £8,000 at a small ceremony at Rainhill Cricket Club. If you think your group deserves a slice of Gala cash in 2015, look at the Apply for Funding tab and send us your details in May.